Monday 10 July 2023

#LoveRevolution: Igniting a #Global Movement of Unity and Compassion


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Sunday 9 July 2023

Garry Davis: A Pioneer of World Citizenship


Step into the world of Garry Davis, a pioneer of global citizenship. Discover how he broke free from the limitations of nationality, creating a global movement. Discover the potential of global citizenship in promoting peace and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world.

Join us as we honour Garry Davis' legacy, reflect on the relevance of his work, and envision a future where our shared humanity knows no boundaries. Unleash your cosmopolitan spirit and share your thoughts on world citizenship in the comments below. Let's build a world that celebrates diversity and embraces global harmony. #Guru #GarryDavis #WorldCitizenship #BeyondBorders #SectionalNationalism #tribute #WorldThroughart #wta #OneHomeOneFamily #WorldGovernmentOfWorldCitizens #Familist #Cosmopolites #globalcitizens #CosmopolitanArtist

Monday 26 December 2022

Today, December 26, 2022, I officially received the professional bachelor's degree certificate.


I would first like to express my sincerest gratitude to the former principal: Mrs Sahiqa Mohi, of the IMFA: Institute of Music and fine arts Kashmir University, the former H.O.D: Mr Shafi Chaman, the current H.O.D: Mr Vinay Khajuria, and my departmental teachers, Mr Rakesh Kumar and Mr Showkat Kathjoo without whose constant support and guidance, I would not have been able to complete the program.

I also appreciate the encouragement I occasionally received from my indirect teachers, Mr Nowshaad Gayoor and Mr Iftikhar Jaffar.

I would also express my gratitude to Mr Surpal Salathia, Mr Nowshaad Gayoor, Mr Jamsheed Malik and Mr Rakesh Kumar for their emotional and personal support in guiding me along the path of academic success.

I completed the professional program:  BVAP at Kashmir University in 2018 and received a grade of 87.66%. I collected my degree certificate today, December 26, 2022, at IMFA.

I assume it's an honour to have studied at IMFA KU. I gained a lot from my teacher's superior abilities as a learner and researcher. They were kind and patient with me, and I appreciate the time they took to go through the multiple topics covered in the course.

I appreciate Kashmir University's Music and Fine Arts Institute for allowing access to this comprehensive platform for students interested in studying, understanding, and conducting research in the professional field of Fine-arts.

The teachers I mentioned above were glorious at teaching me during difficult and perplexing times, and I am incredibly grateful to them.

I want to express my admiration for my father: Mr Mohd Yousuf Teeli powerfully: for supporting me and building me up to the fullest extent possible. 

I'm grateful for the affection and support of my younger siblings as well. I wholeheartedly thank my family for their financial assistance and support during my academic endeavours. I also appreciate the affection and support of my friends: Mr Hilal Ahmad Khan, Mr Sheraz Ahmad Teeli, Mr Inder Salim, Mr Khursheed Mushtaq Ali and Mrs Sumaya.

 I see myself as a sharp-witted learner and earned two master's degrees with first divisions and three diplomas, and a bachelor's degree with distinctions additionally 200+ certifications courses for credit and non-credit from various national, international, and regional institutes.

By dint of the teacher's recommendations and prayers of elders and you all, I rose to this position.

Thank you all, Love you all.

Sunday 21 August 2022

The flag representing world citizens hoisted in Brazil: Cosmopolitan Artist


                                       Assembled image F1  by Syeed Teeli, 21 AUG 2022

In March 2022, I committed to perform a virtual world tour and host a world citizen flag in every regional center and its sub-centers envisioned by WTA and WCG. Garry Davis founded WCG on September 4, 1953, in Ellsworth, Maine, and I, Syeed Teeli, founded WTA on October 27, 2019, at Visva Bharti Shantiniketan while pursuing a master of fine arts. 

These combined Images F and F1: are the sixth images of my virtualized globe journey. Photograph F is from SteppesTravel and the scene in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I waved a flag on a mountaintop while wearing a multi-color Bengali style Kurta, and the other image: F1, is shot from Mar Hotel Conventions Brazil. The purpose of the presentation of the assembled images is artistic engagement, advocacy, and support for the world government. 

The primary message is to decode the sectional nationalistic constitutions and join under a single flag of world citizens to end nationalistic conflicts and achieve world peace which is every planetary resident's business.

The World Citizen Government is founded: on three fundamental concepts or World Laws: One Spirit, One World, and One Humankind. WTA is based: on the four Cosmo law principles: One Home, One Family, One Law, and One Citizenship. The WTA only accepts the WCG framework. Therefore, it will never welcome some other governments or organizations.

My primary goal is to promote and advocate for a world citizen government that is a political representation of all world citizens and humanity. The goal is to establish a worldwide political service institution dedicated to creating and preserving world peace.

                                 Assembled image F by Syeed Teeli, 21 AUG 2022

Article 21(3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sanctioned the legal expression of individual will as the basis of government. 
"The will of the people must be the foundation of government authority," it says. As a cosmopolitan artist, I engage with cosmopolitan doctrines and promote the four and three WCG & WTA principles mentioned above.
When we apply the citizenship concepts of Jus Soli: the right of the planet earth, and Jus Sanguinis (the right of the blood) to humanity, we observe that all human beings are born on the globe to human parents. It means that legally and in reality, we are all world citizens by birth.

I already wrote on that when we trace our existence from biological, zoological, and philosophical perspectives: we all human beings belong to a single community. We are only here for a short time. "Every soul will taste death." To rectify the ideologies and distortions founded on sectional patriotism of nation-state systems and include components of political power and inequality, we must first identify them.
 Then we will be capable of accepting the oneness and connectivity of the communities on our entire globe as the first step toward acquiring world citizenship. You do not renounce any other allegiance when you declare yourself a world citizen. You only pledge your support for Earth and humanity.
The concept of world citizenship denotes the capability of the individual to influence how society is organized and governed on a global scale.
For more info, visit WTA.

I'll discuss why it's indispensable to identify as world citizens or cosmopolites: in the 7th image. Further, I will light up on what is world passport. 

Thank you. Your comments are valuable. I appreciate your comments. 

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Saturday 20 August 2022

Review by Syeed Teeli ( Citizenship: A Very Short Introduction by Richard Bellamy)

              Syeed: reading the book (Citizenship: A Very Short Introduction by Richard Bellamy)

I have read this book cover to cover.

Let me elucidate the highlights briefly. What did I understand from the introductory book?

Generally, his ideas regarding the subject of citizenship are political.

R. Bellamy begins by explaining citizenship, why it matters, and the components of citizenship that have an essential link to democratic politics.

He examines the leading ideas containing political and social perceptions of citizenship that: exist today and addresses the convolution behind critical contemporary issues.

The author also mentioned that interest in citizenship has never been higher.

It has become a sectional drama in the name of patriotism for politicians, political leaders, and every kind of campaigning group from the global to the local level.

How have ideas of citizenship changed through time, from ancient Greece to the present?

He proposed teaching citizenship as a subject in institutes and schools, which will undoubtedly affect political systems and nation-states. He also examined the multiple variations of citizenship and human rights, the impact of globalization, and the cosmopolitan desirability of citizenship.

His analytical interpretation is that the theories of citizenship fall into two types: normative and empirical conjectures. A notion of citizenship throws light on concepts such as membership, belonging, and the relationship between citizenship, rights, and democracy.

I disagree with him to some extent.

I would say that citizenship supposition moves beyond the empirical and normative theories and falls into other categories, as I addressed on the domain in the post: World Peace is Y(our) Business, such as biological and existential, natural and geo-cosmos, psychological and conceptual, Etc.

The rise of globalization and multiculturalism affects the nation-state systems of citizenship that are sectional and unequal. Contemporary theories are moving towards the doctrines of Cosmopolitan structures, and the maximum population is unaware and rejecting their fundamentals based on an existential timeline interconnected with biological existence and history.

Bellamy argues for the significance of state citizenship chiefly on the ground that individual participation and feeling of responsibility become remote in a larger arena.

Bellamy discusses how democracy, a two-party system, and a voting electorate, whose members must select between parties offering positions on a host of issues (rather than figuring each matter by itself in a plebiscite, for example), increase the value and the worth of collaborative democracy.

Finally, he addressed that: what he hopes to have mentioned in the book is that: that is not possible.

Citizenship and democratic politics sink and swim together.

To seek separation between the two cripples not only the possibility of political citizenship: but also the values associated with the concept of citizenship itself.

The reinvigoration of citizenship, therefore, depends on revitalizing rather than decreasing political collaboration and, with it,

Its primary benefits are a sense of belonging and a commitment to rights.


It is a gratifying introductory book for readers with a strong interest in citizenship and government.

However, the book poses logical and soothing questions that it is the ambition of the book to make the reader think about and answer.

Thank you.

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Thursday 18 August 2022

Accomplished ESL005: business-proficient, English as a second language: Saylor Academy


Today I completed ESL005: business-proficient, English as a second language. I started from the Elementary level: ESL001, then Intermediate Level ESL002, ESL003: upper intermediate, and ESLOO4:advanced level. Finally, I completed ESL005. It was a wonderful experience with the Saylor academy. I spent 58 hours reaching from Elementary to Business proficiency level and 0.1 hours: Learning at Saylor Academy. 

 ESL005: The course develops a business writing style in Standard American English and is designed for learners like me to advance and upgrade their English language skills. I learned a lot from time to time through this academy. Specifically, how to use Miscellaneous phrases, punctuation, differentiation of formal and informal writing, Pyramid structure, Journalistic polish, and dozens of new American words. 

 I am thankful to the Saylor Academy, a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC. I wholeheartedly thank the whole team of the Saylor Academy, who compiles the courses and controls its virtual domain. The academy's focus is the free education initiative globally. It has created 241 courses as per google sources. It is inspiring: to those who attempt or dream about educational, philanthropic, and humanistic platforms for people and is highly obliging to learners. 

It is a free learning platform to mature information and develop skills. It has courses in different subjects such as Art history, Global Justice, Computer science, Biology, Sociology, Etc.  

I recommend this platform to my friends and others: who are passionate about learning and self-development. It is one of the free virtual platforms to access hundreds of courses accordingly. It gives freedom of time (Self-placed), and its certificates don't expire. 

At last, a salute to Michael J. Saylor, founder of the academy. 

Thank you so much, Saylor Academy. 

Verification On-site: @Saylor Academy

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LinkedIn: @Syeed919

Sunday 31 July 2022

Acknowledgement: Successfully Completed the Islamic Course. Qualified with Distinction:92%


I begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to the course compiler and my guide Mr Tahir Selby, for his constant guidance and hold up that I could not have completed this stage two course properly. 
On 14 June 2020, I completed Stage one today: 3o July 2022, I concluded stage two of the Islamic course. 

I consider myself privileged to have been his student. I benefited enormously from his excellence as a learner and researcher. I am very grateful to him for being very patient and friendly and for the time he spent discussing the various subjects of this course. I hope to continue studying and doing research on stage three with him. 
I thank the Islamic organization U.K (Nasir Mosque, 42 Brougham Terrace, Hartlepool U.K ) for providing this virtual platform for people who want to learn and understand Islam.

I am immensely thankful to my external teachers, who taught me occasionally at critical and confusing stages. 
 I  thank my father in garnest now: Mr Mohd Yousuf standing as a pillar for me to construct me strongly and maximally every father is doing that for their children.
I also appreciate my younger brothers: Aadil Hussain and Basit Hussain, for their love and appreciation. I heartedly acknowledge my family for their economic support and encouragement during my academic studies.
 I also thank my friends: Mr Hilal Ahmad Khan and Mr Mohd Younis Laway, for their love and support. I consider myself: a blessed learner for completing multiple degrees qualified with first divisions and distinctions and hundreds of certificates courses credit and non-credit from different national, international and regional institutes. By dint of the teacher's recommendations and prayers of elders and you people, I rose to this position.

Thanks to all. Love you all.



Saturday 16 July 2022

Mix-up Fantasy and misapprehension by Syeed Teeli (Shah Rukh Khan Visited Nunmai Village of Anantnag City, Jk)


It was a Cloudy day when Shah Rukh Khan reached Yaripora, stopped his car, came out, and started walking towards the Nunmai village of the Kulgam district.

His driver parked the card around the watershed Yaripora: Irrigation property (Tunki-Nish) 

He was in Persian blue coat pants with black shoes. He always comes across as a romantic man. 

Especially youth of Nunmai Village were excited: but maximum religious fundamentalists made a hue and cry after hearing that Shah Rukh Khan: coming to our village Nunmai. 

Shah Rukh came to my home. My mother welcomed him and offered him a cup of Namkeen tea with the local roti. 

Shahrukh said: what is this?

Mom replied: a sign of Kashmir (Smiled)

Shah Rukh smiled back and said: then I must taste it. He took the cup and sipped from the tea cup and replied, it is a Salty superb.

 He drank half of the teacup and said thank you for your love. 

Thanks, Nunmai Youth. 

Finally, he said: he had to leave and reach Srinagar before 2 pm. come with me, dear Syeed. 

Why not move?  

I called my younger brother Basit came with us to Yaripora Khan Sir has to go. 

My mom packed a Kashmir live hen in a bag, as usual, as the villagers do. 

The head and back must be outside the bag. 

I picked up the bag, started walking with Shah Rukh, and put my right arm on his shoulder. I was telling him about the secretive Kashmir and some Jokes.

We returned to the car parked at the watershed Yaripora. 

All of a sudden, the chicken tore the bag and ran away. 

We were running and trying to capture her. She went into the right-side colony of the watershed (Khan Mohallah)

We went into the Khan Mohallah and started the search operation. But, hundreds of people were on the road while a heavy vehicle truck was stuck, and people were trying to help. 

Now it became very complicated to find her in the crowdy and noisy colony. I requested a few ladies: to help us to find brown chicken with white circular dots. If you catch the chicken: You will be rewarded: with one hundred rupees. At that moment, people are searching: for all that no one saw our brownish chicken. A little girl loudly said: that the brownish chicken took place on the bank of the stream. At the minimum, 5 to 9 people went quietly to capture the chicken. 

Sadly, She flew and crossed the brook and went to another side. 

Luckily, a teen girl was there who caught up with her, and we gave him 100 rupees as a reward. At that time, the hen is in my hands. 

Bitterly, she was minimizing and losing weight. It was a bolt of blue. We all were shocked and started running towards Shahrukh Khan so that the hen would reach its actual size.

Shah Rukh, Thank God they are coming. 

Me: I am sorry for wasting your time. I think the chicken spent years in the village and became very excited after entering the town of Yaripora in the Kulgam district.

Shah Rukh Khan replied: it seems the hen is diminutive now. Is she the same one, or Have you exchanged it with someone else? 

Me: Sir, it is the same one: but I don't know what happen to her,

Shah Rukh smiled," it is an ok man. 

Thanks for everything. Give me hen. I have to leave now: it is too late. 

Shah Rukh lay hold of the hen in his hands. 

The hen became so small as a pigeon seems the chicken has put off the flesh.

Alas, the chicken flew away. 

Shah Rukh said, Oh my God, is it a ghost or some joke? 

I replied: we are sorry about it: do not know what is happening? 

However, it is Kashmir where anything is possible, and anything can happen. 

Kashmir: the mystery and the magic. 

Finally, Shah Rukh sir left, and I woke up. It was all greek to me.

Monday 4 July 2022

Hoisted Fifth Flag in Mexico: Cosmopolite


This assembled image E and E1 is the fifth image of my committed world virtual tour hosting the world citizens flag at every regional centre envisioned by the WTA cosmo government. 

Generally, I am assembling and posting these images to highlight 

a fundamental cosmopolite existential and cultural doctrine that we all humans belong to a single community and oppose the nation-state systems that are sectional, militarised, Nationalistic, and nation-systems are constructing walls of hatred in the name of nationalism. 

As a cosmopolite, I am attempting to decode the nationalistic governmental codes and those political forms that construct the walls of control and control an entire physical and documental identity that is un-natural and barbarian: Transform them into familism and cosmopolitanism structures developed by the WTACG: World through art Cosmo Government and WSA: world service authority. 

I have planned to hoist 200 world citizen flags, compose the images digitally and post them on social media and websites for the immediate purpose of viewership: that surely will bring a change. 

 I have taken this image from the image archives: English: Mexico City Pride 2016 people updated on: 25 June 2016 by a Wikipedia user: Isaacvp.

I am using Microsoft paint and Adobe photoshop to compose the elements, using transparency and merging tools to recreate likeness accordingly for the particular purpose of change and transformation.

Wait for the Image: F, or the sixth image. Predict where I will move from Mexico?

 The first three Whose speculation will be righteous will receive a handmade drawing or a painting by me. If? your Guess is valid. You can claim the Drawing or a painting by commenting on my Instagram or Facebook post (Image for 6). Send the screenshot to me. The screenshot must contain the date and time and your guess answer. 

Guess now and Whatsapp me: +91 9419031809. Your comments are valuable.

Note: Other persons in these images are unknown to me. They are not participants in this advocacy of world citizenship and world law. Consider them cosmopolites or the part of this idea is imprecise. Maybe they are: but we can not label them without identification and verification.

visit the organisation:

Visit my profile page:

My Instagram:

Thanking you

Tuesday 21 June 2022

My few questions to Ahl-e-Kitab believers, especially Muslims. What should we answer to Nurpur Sharma?

Historically Adamic and Abrahamic Monotheism manifests sacrifices, peace, Love, Etc. How did the Prophets treat those who did evil things?

As a fundamentalist Muslim, it is not a good way to say this. For the sake of contemporary perceptions and logical reasons, let me write clearly. There is not any criminal offence done consciously in the history of Religion by Prophets and Messengers. 

If the final Prophet were alive today, how would he treat Nurpur Sharma? She claims that she is in threat. Is this Islamic teaching? We are protesting. Instead of inviting her as Quranic and Prophetic instruction towards Dawa? ( 70 times ) Will the Prophet accept the way we are acting? Some are using Vulgar and threatful comments on Social media. It is not the way of believers. 

As a Monotheist and Quranist, I request all the Muslims (And other Ahli-Kitab followers) brothers and sisters to share a love as the practice of the Prophet (Sunnah) and Holy Order(Mankind). We know that she does not have complete information and knowledge about Islam, Christianity, Etc. or Abrahamic religions. People can easily misinterpret ideologies, practices, and things. It is not their fault. It is the learning process: it takes very long to become a mature and a  good learner. It took 40 years for the Prophet to receive a Holy message. Therefore, Our sisters should meet or invite her and clear her misconceptions, share the Love the Prophet shared, and inspire her with the truth and meaning of life. Do your Job as the Prophets and messengers did, and the universal religion of will submission, man-kind, and peace taught. 

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#DoNotTakeMyWordsIll #Monotheist #Quranist


#NurpurSharma #Islamophobia #LoversInpireHatersProtest

Monday 2 May 2022

Affair of Honour to Recieve an Ignou Award: Syeed




I am thankful to the Ignou for providing such a beautiful and featured platform for education. I am grateful to the counsellors of Ignou 2848, #DurgapurWomen'sCollege and Ignou 1209, #SpCollege #Srinager: for guiding me on how to do political research and complete the credits.

I: a student of the Igno University acknowledges the #Kolkatta and #Srinagar regional centres for supporting me from time to time and all my friends who directly and indirectly appreciated and convenience me to complete this Second master's. 

Today, It is an affair of honour that I received an Ignou award for a Master's Degree in #PoliticalScience. 

I was waiting for this day from July 2021. I was excited to receive a Second Masters's degree. In 2020, I received a master's degree in fine arts from a globally recognized institute: #KalaBhavana, #visvabharati University, and Today I received the second one. 

This Ignou decided to change this convocation experience by issuing blockchain-based digital credentials. The Ignou will send physical awards by post, or Students can collect the certificates in their regional centres.

Thanks to the Ignou IT section (CRUBN) for providing the Indisi wallet app to students to receive digital credentials. 

Thank you again for your support and this #ScholasticPrize.



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Friday 15 April 2022

World citizen’s flag waving high in Srinagar.


World citizen’s flag waving high in Srinagar.


Let me hoist the flag of World Citizens in every provisional regional center envisioned by the WTA Cosmo Government.
Let me program image B with Guru Garry Davis (Selfie Style) and start hoisting the cosmo flag or world citizens flag from the ideated and committed headquarters and on all the regional centers of the WTA Cosmo Government.
Earth is our Home: We are a Family.
In terms of Visual Culture, I will do an artistic virtual world tour to hoist the cosmopolite flag in every corner of the globe as a cosmopolitan duty: to bring awareness among people for the real existential, biological, and socio-political identity.

***** Image B *****

Digital Image B 2022, Assembled by Syeed Teeli (Selfie with Guru Garry Davis )

This minimalistic selfie with Garry Davis, We are hoisting the flag of world citizens in front of the united nations (Analytically, DN: divided nations) represents the failure of Armed governmental-ism and intergovernmental-ism, opposing the nation-state system that is: sectional, discriminative, and framed.
Let’s break the national boundaries and access the first step of political freedom.

*******Image C ******

Wait for Image D


Cosmo Bag

 Cosmo Bag

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  • Materials: Bag: 100% Polyester / Handles: 100%
  • CottonCare: Machine wash cold. Drip dry. Dry in shade. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.
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Saturday 22 January 2022

Meet Kashmiri Artist Syeed Teeli, World Record holder for artistic Cartography


Meet Kashmiri Artist Syeed Teeli, World Record holder for artistic Cartography

Syeed Teeli l References l Posts l

Mohd Syeed Teeli at Kashmir University in 2017. Photo credit Tawsif Khan (V0P)
Golden girl with ear-ring, Woodcut, 2015, Syeed Teeli

Meet Mohd Syeed Teeli, a Kashmiri Artist, a World Record holder for his Surreal and imaginative representative cartography drawings and paintings. He calls it Cosmo-mapping.

On World Art Day 2021, we bring you an exclusive interview with Mohd Syeed Teeli, a man of creativity.

The artists speak through their art, and he is one of those young artists with a gifted Talent.


Voice Of People

Syeed Teeli, a 29-year-old man, can amaze you with his extortionary practicals, Theories and ideologies Including, philosophies. Let us celebrate World Art Day 2021 with the artist Syeed Teeli.

It computes that Syeed teeli has produced about 3000+ artworks that contain 2000 paintings and drawings, 500 prints and engravings, 490 digital paintings and ten book illustrations. 

“I describe myself as a Cosmopolitan Artist. My Cosmo-mapping practice depicts the existential interconnection of biological identity and Socio-political uniformity. A genre I followed was classical opposition with a pinch of surrealism and contemporary practice, and I found Cosmo-mapping or Cosmo-draw. In a political context, I am addressing Human-rights and environmental issues in my mapping style art practice. Through Civil-political terms, I draw the directions of global Anti-civilian political shams and governmental terrorism to witness my works for the cosmopolitan purpose. That is: to bring socio-political change and connect the humans as a duty of the planetary citizen for man-kind, equality and equity. Syeed Said”

 For Syeed’s unique and aesthetic artworks, He recorded the Guinness art World record in 2021 for his incredible passion for paintings to create the Empire State of Cosmopolitan political world.




#LoveRevolution: Igniting a #Global Movement of Unity and Compassion

  Join the Love Revolution, where unity and #compassion intertwine in a #romantic #dance. Experience the boundless power of love as it heals...